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Midwifery care

Natural Fertility Support

Women’s Healthcare

Period discomforts

Massages – Holistic Services


Birth Scars Therapist

Mestruation – Fertility – Pregnancy – Women’s Problem – Menopause

Dr Serena Anzilotti

Holistic HealthCare Professional - Independent Midwife

Homeopatic Practitioner - Dr of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr of Ayurvedic Medicine- Bach Flower Practitioner

Menopausal Therapist

Health Professor
Midwifery Professor

Reiki & Yoga Master

Discover Midwifery care & Women’s Health


Midwife is one type of health care professional who can act as your primary care provider,

and She  is a great choice for any woman at any stage of life,

from first period through menopause and beyond.


Your midwife  helps you achieve your health promotion goals and

has you covered when you encounter illness.


When you decide to visit a midwife,

you will receive a special level of care

that may not always be present in most health care settings.


Midwife often spends extra time with you during your appointment,

listening to your concerns, and addressing problems.

Listening to women is the hallmark of midwifery care.

Your midwife strives to be your partner in care, not just your provider of care.


Welcome to Moon to Moon where holistic Healing meets Modern Midwifery care.



Moon to Moon  is a private  midwifery center in Mount Carmel.

The center offers continuità of care , offers a range of professional services

to help women’s of all ages and stages of life to enjoy health and wellness,

especially during what can be the more challeging phases of their live:

Menstruation, Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Menopause. 🤰🤱👱‍♀️🧓👪👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

The advantage of building trust and forming a lasting relationship with the midwife is

that you will have better continuity of care.


That means that over time, you can rely on a single professional

who knows who you are, knows your health history,

and can act as a coordinator with other health care providers,

services, and institutions. 

Research has shown that better continuity of care means

better quality of care – which means improved overall wellness for you.

As you can see in these photos ... a deep knowledge and bond is created ...

I have been with this wonderful Family for many years.
I have followed both of their pregnancies, childbirth, and general health with pelvic floor rehabilitation, breastfeeding, prenatal and postnatal Yoga, weaning, female care and much more ... 


Here you will find as well as midwifery care being offered an encouragged for all clients, the Center also  offers Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexology, Crystal Therapies, Homeopatic and Flowers Consultatons ,Pevic Floor Care, Hormonal Yoga , Hypnobirth, yoga Ladies, Pregnancy yoga and much more …

Through education and natural terapie I help women reach their full health potential.

I have trained in many modalities over the 18 years of my career whic has given me a variety of knowledge and skills to draw from in order to tailor treatments  the individual and their needs.


You coul benefit from my work if you suffer from any of the following condition:

🌸  Fertility issues   🌸Habitual Abortion,

🌸 Premenstrual syndrome  🌸 menstrual cramps 🌸  menstrual disorders

🌸 Hormonal Imbalances ( during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause)

🌸 Pelvic floor prolapse - Urinary incontinence / Uterine prolapse

🌸 Menopausal symptoms

🌸Endometriosis and Endometritis

🌸Vaginal Infections


🌸Ovarian cysts,  🌸Polycystic ovarian syndrome,  🌸 uterine fibroids


🌸 Discomfort during Pregnancy / morning sickness

🌸Healing from Birth Scars

🌸 Joint pain / back pain/ Rheumatism / Arthritis /lumbago / tendonitis/

🌸 Fibromyalgia

🌸 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

🌸Stress/ 🌸 Anxiety/ 🌸 Insomnia/ 🌸 Panic Attack /🌸 Depression

🌸 and so on


I have a lot of experience in managing group courses, you can book with me too:

❤ Welcome Menarche, Feminine Ritual


❤ Menstrual Power and Ecological Tools for the Period (menstrual sponge, menstrual cups and so on ...)


❤ Female contraception ( I own many simulators to help you understand and experiment well)


Conscious and happy sexuality


❤song of motherhood


❤motivational meetings for childbirth


❤Motivational meetings for women's well-being


❤Circles and Feminine rituals


❤Shamanic journeys


❤Hormonal yoga /Spiritual yoga / yoga for fibromyalgia / prenatal Yoga / Ladies Yoga


❤Energy work in Menopause

and much more that you will find in the pages of the site

For your Pregnancy

For your Pregnancy

I am a over 15 years of career as a   Homebirth private midwife ,I am an expert in normal birth, Vbac Birth, waterbirths, continuità models.
I am a holistic midwife as well as a Natural Therapist I am able to help you on many levels and answer your questions.
Moon to Moon is dedicated to making every pregnancy and birth the best experience possible by pampering mom the whole nine months.
I see my clients regularly for prenatal care on the usual schedule .
Giving birth is a pivotal life process that offers you and your family the opportunità for great joy ,personal growth and change.
Such an important journey  wants the personal care, attention and company of a midwife.
Statistics on midwifery care indicate excellent maternal and infant outcomes.By choosing midwifery care you can reduce the likelihood of receiving medical interventions such ad cesarean section, forceps, and episiotomies.

And much more that you will find in the pages of the site