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Adolescence Care

          I have a lot of experience in accompanying young girls in the world of women ...

✨. I have many simulators to help them discover their body and how it works,

✨. understand how the menstrual cycle works,

menstrual education 

✨ intimate health

✨ Vulvar care 

✨Holistic Nutritionist

✨. what are the ecological tools to use and how they work .. .
✨. I offer mother-daughter meetings
✨. young girl yoga 6-10 years  / 11-14 years / 14 -16  years
✨ discover menstrual power
✨. ritual of arrival of the menarche

✨anti stress massage
✨treatment for irregular menstruation
✨treatment for menstrual pain
✨treatment for depression
✨. SOS desk "I need to know if ..."
✨. Contraceptive counseling and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases

✨. and so on ...

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