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Among my many specialists I also have the one in Ayurveda Female Medicine.
I am also a Teacher and I transmit with love and passion

the techniques I have experimented and also invented by mixing my knowledge,

to all my over 10 thousand European students!​

Ayurvedic Medicine is an important Indian Healing system from thousands of years ago

but always modern and current.

The origin of this system dates back to the distant past, in which philosophy and medicine

were not separate, in which there was a strong link between nature and health,

between seasonal rhythms and human well-being.

This is a colorful, fragrant, warm, passionate medical science,

which with its healing spices, its potentiating supplements, its warm oils,

its profound techniques is a great help for female discomforts.

Ayurveda is a vast, ancient and complex therapeutic system based on a profound knowledge of the body and its relationship with the mind and the spirit.

It is a real way of accompanying female cyclicality

useful both as prevention and as curative therapy ...

👩‍⚕️it has a powerful detoxifying effect on the body,

👩‍⚕️normalizes the menstrual period,

👩‍⚕️increases virility and femininity,

👩‍⚕️increases sensitivity,

👩‍⚕️increases control of the body,

👩‍⚕️It improves the immune defenses and the health of the skin,

👩‍⚕️rebalances and treats the nervous system,

👩‍⚕️helps to fluidize the compressed energies,

👩‍⚕️dissolving nervous tensions,

👩‍⚕️slows the brain waves,

👩‍⚕️produces endorphins,

👩‍⚕️lubricates tendons, joints and bones feeding them and making them more resistant,

👩‍⚕️restores hormonal balance,

👩‍⚕️stimulates and improves blood and lymphatic circulation,

👩‍⚕️tones and drains, relaxes and firms muscles,

👩‍⚕️restores strength and energy,

👩‍⚕️calms the mind,

👩‍⚕️removes physical and mental fatigue, recovers vital functions,

👩‍⚕️gives confidence and safety,

👩‍⚕️lengthen your breathing, improve your heartbeat, blood pressure,

👩‍⚕️Delay the process of aging,

👩‍⚕️Strengthens the body, improves healing processes throughout the body.


👩‍⚕️It improves the aura and increases the magnetism in all the phases of the woman's age, puts in touch with OUR feminine, THE womb.



different therapeutic purposes, often also in association with traditional Chinese medicine, aromatherapy  ..


👩‍⚕️sleep disorders

👩‍⚕️hormonal imbalances

👩‍⚕️menstrual irregularities, menstrual pains

👩‍⚕️menopausal discomforts

👩‍⚕️polycystic ovary


👩‍⚕️rheumatoid arthritis

👩‍⚕️difficulty of conception

👩‍⚕️preparation for conception


👩‍⚕️cronical pain


 my treatment involves:

Ayurvedic Consultation

the Test to discover your ayurvedic constitution: Pitta, Kapha or Vata (from your constitution will depend 'the curative treatment, the oils that will be used, the healing herbs, your diet and so on ...)

Herbal prescription, Ayurvedic supplements or how much you will find necessary for your recovery


the treatment can be

Syro the ayurvedic head massage (1 hour of treatment, you will be above the clouds) or

Abhyanga the complete massage with warm oils (1 hour and 30 minutes of massage ... you will try paradise) or

Pinda sweda treatment with warm healing bags, which I create according to ancient Ayurvedic shaman tradition

my goal is to help you create an emotional and physical balance that helps you achieve your well-being,
Ayurvedic counseling can be used as a curative therapy but also to enhance one's well-being.
Treat yourself to 1 Ayurveda treatment a month and discover bliss!

Come and try it ... you'll fall in love#MOONTOMOON

Have you ever tried Indian Head Massage?

"SIRO" the Ayurvedic massage of the Head ...   1 hour of rebirth 
a treatment that will leave you speechless, will help you to turn off your thoughts and make room for light, regeneration, rebirth, rediscovery of you ... it will give you deep roots to continue your journey ...
Siro is an Ayurvedic treatment that will give you lightness, balance, serenity, the increase of vital energy,the strengthening of the nervous system, a state of global relaxation , give you confidence and security,centering ... and much more that you will be discovering .. 

It is recommended especially in the week before menstruation, when you begin to get in touch with your depth, with your feelings ... it helps to make a deep journey inside itself, helps to clarify aspects of self, helps to live better your flow menstrual  ...

2018-05-30 22.20.33.jpg

Have you ever tried Pinda Sweda Massage?

The massage with Pinda Sweda     is a curative treatment performed with wonderful little bags that expertly and according to ancient Ayurvedic traditions I prepare,

with always different content, (personalized for every woman) with medical herbs, spices, crystals, clay powder, essences , medicated oil and secret ingredient ...


The massage is performed on the whole body through these hot bags immersed in hot medicated oil, immediately spreads a very pleasant feeling ...

the therapeutic purpose is to eliminate the excesses of the doshas in particular vata and kapha and to stimulate Agni the Fire of Life.                   

The tissues, through massage and warm pads, are better nourished and sprayed.

This massage works on the skin, muscles, the vessel system and the nervous system ...

and the body remains flexible and the weakness vanishes

  • Helps to alleviate joint pain due to arthrosis, cervical arthrosis,

  • rheumatism,

  • muscle pain, joint pain, muscle stiffness, spasms, muscle tension,

  • nervous disorders,

  • contrasts swelling and water retention, eliminates toxins and impurities imprisoned in the skin, opens pores,

  • eliminates stress and fatigue,

  • insomnia,

  • lymphatic and circulatory stasis, depression,

  • poor concentration and stress,

  • general weakness,

  • menstrual disorders,

  • constipation,

  • headache,

  • improves the appearance of the skin,

  • is excellent in treatments to combat obesity and cellulite ...


Come and live 1 hour of wellbeing and you will see fading hot swab after warm swab all your discomfort .. 



#Fibromyalgia (FM) is a medical condition...

It can be associated with considerable disability,

is recognized as a disorder by the US National Institutes of Health

and the American College of Rheumatology.

It is characterised by

chronic widespread pain and a heightened pain response

to pressure.Other symptoms include tiredness to a degree that

normal activities are affected,

sleep problems and

troubles with memory.

Some people also report

restless legs syndrome,

bowel or bladder problems,

numbness and

tingling and sensitivity to noise, lights or temperature.

Fibromyalgia is frequently associated with depression, anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder

Other types of chronic pain are also frequently present.

There are several holistic healing treatments that can help.

Moxibustion, ayurvedic medicine, ayurvedic hot massage,

foot reflexology, reiki .. After talking to the patient I often do

a mix of these treatments on him/her ..

The benefits are felt immediately!...


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