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Breech position

The 1st and only structure to offer

the Breech revolving like

from old holistic obstetric tradition ..

second elemental reading of the pregnant body

that's why his perfect Success !!!

I am a health teacher and I have taught the breech turning technique to over 10 thousand midwives.
the breech turn is a very ancient technique of accompanying the baby to the right position and includes many techniques ... I have performed 989 successful turns in my career and I am very proud to have saved so many children from a surgical birth.come and find out how I can help you. I'm waiting for you

Do you know that behind the positioning of a breech baby there is always a motivation?

It is important to discover it and help the child to position themselves correctly

as nature provides ... Holistic Midwife Serena has always been helping pregnant women with breech babies. Such as?


* Through a thorough medical history conducted with

  elemental holistic obstetric questions ...

* the evaluation of all the examinations performed up to the

   time of treatment

* an in-depth obstetric examination with evaluation of possible

  pelvic floor stiffness ...

* Evaluation of your child's heart rate and based on the

  evaluation of the execution of the specific treatment in

  the individual case ...


between moxibustion, rebozo, polar massage, exercises of

 opening and releasing of the pelvis, work on

 the energy meridians, specific haptonomic contact,

work on the pelvic floor, chromotherapy and whatever else

it is considered necessary to perform helps the child,

supports and accompanies him during the sweet somersault

to allow him to come to the world in a natural way avoiding a

useless and harmful surgical intervention ...

Moxa alone is not enough

❤❤❤ .... During the training course for health workers held by midwife Serena on the breech position ... Our midwife has performed a successful upheaval with moxibustion and direct massage .... under the amazement of all the participants ... More practice than this could not do it ... and another caesarean avoided ...


... you can see the little girl's head very well
from the top moves delicately under the hands up to position upside down .... ❤❤❤ because the midwife knows what to do and how to do behind it has a very important millennial tradition ...


I met our Stork by chance wandering on the internet looking for those who did the revolution ... I called her desperate at 34 weeks and she calmly told me to go to her center 4 days later to resolve the situation together. .. I went with a lot of anxiety and fear if I have to be honest but as I opened the door his face sweet and sure I calmed 'immediately ..

I accompanied her to the kitchen and put on a tea already this thing I liked to die immediately made me feel at ease ... we sat on his tatami and started to ask me direct and strange questions for me ... slowly I realized the reason for which my child had put himself podalico is absurd but she immediately understood him and his specific and strange questions for me were to bring me alone to the answer ... I do not tell you that I was crying liberating, then we poured the Herbal tea and she began to evaluate my analysis, she measured my stomach, she visited me, we felt the little heart and she gave me a wonderful energetic massage with final application of the moxa ... well I turn during the treatment in a sweet, delicate, and hands of my heroine at that point ... final of my story? she became our midwife and from that moment I could not think of other hands but her own to welcome my little Marco ...

ANTONIETTA C I already knew our midwife I was doing prenatal yoga with you for a few weeks when I found out I had GESSICA breech ... I immediately asked for a visit to Serena ... I received in a magical atmosphere as usual ... blurred lights , background music, candles, aromas and a delicious herbal tea (she never misses them) we began to compile our obstetric records, looked at my analysis, she visited me, measured my abdomen and then made me look beautiful in contemporary with some specific exercises during which I felt gessica that moved and responded well to the various positions ... I lay down and I began to do a wonderful belly treatment during which Gessica began to follow his movement and in a short time the find with the bottom on the contrary ... it was positioned correctly .... I will never be grateful enough to our Stork also because it is you who took first my baby during her birth ... who discovers Serena can no longer do without it ...


Of course I agree to tell my story ... I found Serena, by chance on the web as a last attempt ... after 5 sessions of moxa my baby was always there with the ass in the wrong place ... 15 days later I had the planned caesarean and just not I wanted I did not want ... I take the number and I call on her to meet me as soon as possible .. 3 days later she receives me in her wonderful Center ... while sipping a hot herbal tea she asks me very particular questions, particular to the point that I did not understand the reason .. I then put on the bed I measure my stomach, hear the baby's beating, my pressure and then he made me put on the tatami and there ... I can not remember any more I underwent a treatment of a relaxing that can not be described .. He then explained that he had made a massage with moxa on some very important energy meridians! During their treatment, Gioele moved a lot of a movement but sweet I do not know .. I was back on the couch and began to treat the points on my abdomen and he followed her head from under my ribs was almost arrived down .. the tears began to fall I do not deny it .. but she did not stop ... then went to moxare my little pigs but very little because suddenly stood up and said "Bravo you arrived" ... took the monitor and Gioele was right there with the head in the right place ..

I will never be grateful enough, in a sweet and delicate way has helped us to meet and meet in a most respectful natural birth ... go to Serena, go ... "


"I add myself to the testimonies that I read ... I too have undergone the holistic revolution from our heart stork ... I went to you sin only 36 weeks because they had told me about you and her golden hands .. she has a mission very important according to me ... even to us while sipping a very good herbal tea has asked many questions that no one had ever done, has investigated my childhood and my relationship with my family ... after a cry of liberation was as if at that point I was ready to run Elisa ... and so it was .. on us I do not use the moxa but he did the metamorphic massage and a wonderful treatment with the Mexican rebozo ... an enchantment and right during the treatment I said "sit still I think she turned around "I touch my stomach, nodded my head ... and start crying from happiness under the amazed eyes of my husband who could not believe how without touching my belly me he had turned ... pure magic, passion, love is really a professional of other times ... "


"Stupor, admiration, skill, passion ... incredible I had done several sessions of moxa to turn my baby but nothing .. I go to her and" zac "turns at the first meeting ... tears, respect, honor ... I avoided giving birth my child with a caesarean section that was essential for me ... I will be in fact we will always be debtors ... "


"Skeptical as I never went to her ... just to prove to my mother that it did not even need to do this ... and instead ... immediately turned as the treatment began ... I treated my back by placing me comfortable on an inflatable ball and before I massaged forcefully to activate the energetic meridians he told me and then he passed over the moxa ... and from there he moved a lot but very much ... then he did the reflexology if I remember correctly and the moxa on the fateful ... and well when he finished the session returned to touch my belly and turned! I had not even noticed how delicate the movement was ... he also heard the beat to confirm and was right under the pubis there was no doubt .. from there I went immediately to do an ultrasound to cancel the caesarean section and it was just like that it was cephalic !!! Luckily I listened to my mother and I went .. also because as I gave birth and I was followed by all the breastfeeding and the growth of my little pest ... and now his number is at the top of the list on my phone ahahahahah ... "

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