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Discover Holistic Midwifery care & Women’s Health


Midwife is one type of health care professional who can act as your primary care provider,

and She  is a great choice for any woman at any stage of life,

from FIRST PERIOD through MENOPAUSE and beyond.

Your midwife  helps you achieve your health promotion goals and

has you covered and help to holistic healing

when you encounter illness.


When you decide to visit a midwife,

you will receive a special level of care

that may not always be present in most health care settings.


Midwife often spends extra time with you during your appointment,

listening to your concerns, and addressing problems.

I typically spend up to 120 minutes during the initial appointment and 90 minutes during follows up.
I want to get to know you in depth all of you physical , mental and emotional symptoms in detail.

What you think, worry, and dream about, your relationships and childhood and their impact on you. your state and the sensation that unites your body and psyche, your past and present, all of you.

I treat the whole woman. whole is important in holistic management. 

I offer a healing treatments for help you , using a combination of

medical science,

energy medicine ( Homeopathy, Ayurvedic Medicine/

Traditional Chinese Medicine/Flower Essence/ Reiki/ Healing Sounds/crystals/ Reflexology ....)

and Spiritual Principle 

The goals of this approach is to enlive the body's natural healing and self repair ability

to treat the underlying condition,  to prevent it and to create the higest state of health and wellness,

to promot  the immune fuction and mantain uterine health by eliminating the causative factors.

my Care is completely individualized & personal  

I receive my clients in my super personalized sacred spaces
my Moon Treatment Room
and my Temple of the Moon

two spaces created for women, where you will not be disturbed and you will feel safe to let yourself go.
I am offering you exactly what you need.

Space, time and knowledge to relax, free yourself and return to yourself.

In my Temple of the Moon you will find a great Altar in honor of Female Power and Energies,

a mystical and spiritual space to connect to your center,

to rediscover your roots and to heal your lineage.
you will find a space for sexuality and the re-evaluation of female pleasure,

essential for your well-being.
you will find simulators, ecological products to take care of your womb and your yoni, natural remedies to rebalance you, herbs for your vaginal vapors and a lot of welcome!


you can bring candles, requests, prayers, offerings to the Goddesses,

here I carry out both group rituals and women's yoga classes,I welcome girls, women, pregnant women, grandmothers for circles of sharing, comparison, growth, knowledge ...

it is a timeless space where you can simply BE!it is a space where to listen to you, to tell you,

to reclaim your power, there is no judgment ...

I love to welcome women even on full moon nights to conduct

Rebirth Circles, meditations, rebalancing together ..


I'll guide the group, women's Circle through a deep womb-heart-soul connection journey!

I'll guide you throug some deeply relaxing exercises, massage moves, energy healing and blessings.

I'll share with you ways that you can activate your womb and body wisdom and create soothing movements of self healing .
Take a moment to center yourself!  


if you like you can propose yourself to conduct some meetings!

my work focuses on the womb, uterus health, menstruation because they are responsible for women's strength, well-being and health.

when they are unbalanced, you will begin to notice that your health, your emotions, can run wild, fertility is impaired, energies are low, periods are painful, irregular,headaches, back pain,

canceled ovulations, polycystic ovary and etc ....

therefore it is essential that those who deal with women's health carry out these jobs and teach you to take care of your sacred womb, it is important to prevent! it is essential that young girls immediately discover how to be healthy!   having confidence in your womb and your womanhood! Tramitt it your daughter!

Are you ready to cultivate the healthy of your uterus?

in my Moon to Moon treatment room, holistic healing meets modern midwife care.

I have trained in many modalities over the 18 years of my career which has given me a variety of knowledge and skills to draw from to tailor treatments to the individual and her needs.

I offer continuity of care, I offer a range of professional services
to help women of all ages and stages of life to enjoy health and well-being, especially during what can be the most challenging phases of their life: Menstruation, Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Menopause. ️🧓👪👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Here you will find in addition to obstetric care also Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbalism, Reflexology, Crystal Therapy, Homeopathic and Floral Consultations, Pelvic Floor Care, Hormonal Yoga, Hypnobirth, Yoga Ladies, Yoga in pregnancy and much more. other...

You coul benefit from my work if you suffer from any of the following condition:

🌸  Fertility issues   🌸Habitual Abortion,

🌸 Premenstrual syndrome  🌸 menstrual cramps 🌸  menstrual disorders

🌸 Hormonal Imbalances ( during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause)

🌸 Pelvic floor prolapse - Urinary incontinence / Uterine prolapse

🌸 Menopausal symptoms

🌸Endometriosis and Endometritis

🌸Vaginal Infections


🌸Ovarian cysts,  🌸Polycystic ovarian syndrome,  🌸 uterine fibroids


🌸 Discomfort during Pregnancy / morning sickness

🌸Healing from Birth Scars

🌸 Joint pain / back pain/ Rheumatism / Arthritis /lumbago / tendonitis/

🌸 Fibromyalgia

🌸 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

🌸Stress/ 🌸 Anxiety/ 🌸 Insomnia/ 🌸 Panic Attack /🌸 Depression

🌸 and so on

I have a lot of experience in managing group courses, you can book with me too:

❤ Welcome Menarche, Feminine Ritual


❤ Menstrual Power and Ecological Tools for the Period (menstrual sponge, menstrual cups and so on ...)


❤ Female contraception ( I own many simulators to help you understand and experiment well)


Conscious and happy sexuality


❤song of motherhood


❤motivational meetings for childbirth


❤Motivational meetings for women's well-being


❤Circles and Feminine rituals


❤Shamanic journeys


❤Hormonal yoga /Spiritual yoga / yoga for fibromyalgia / prenatal Yoga / Ladies Yoga


❤Energy work in Menopause

and much more that you will find in the pages of the site