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Hypnobirthing is the use of hypnosis as a technique used to be giving birth, does not mean that you will be in a trance or asleep!
This approach involves breathing and visualization techniques in which you are patiently focused on positive thoughts and mental images ... we will use many pregnancy and birth affirmation cards ....

It works on the premise that fear and anxiety are the main influences on pain levels during childbirth.

Most of the pain that is experienced during the process of bringing a child to life is the result of the defensive reaction of one’s own body and mind to this natural process. 

Hypnobirthing It allows you to understand that a woman’s body has been designed to perform the function of child birthing and needs minimal intervention except in anomalous cases.
It is a therapeutic solution for your brain and your body
Hypnosis can help manage these problems in the session.


There are no side effects that may pose a risk to the health of the mother or child -

Hypnobirthing is the method by which the mothers can experience the process of giving birth with minimal pain and can keep a relaxed and relieved state of mind before and after the giving of birth. 
Moon to Moon Hypnobirthing classes provide 
• What is Hypnotherapy and how it works
• Birth ... the journey to your child ...
• Contraction what it is and how it works ...
• Breathing exercise
• Visualizations and deep relaxation
• Pregnancy and Birth Affirmation
• Hypnobirting tecnquiques
• Building confidence through Hypnosis
• Massage techniques
• Carnatic song
• Personalized exercises
• Reactivation of the pelvic floor .......
follow us on our page and slowly you will discover more and more about this technique ...


What Are The Advantages Of Hypnobirthing Classes?

• experience a natural, calm, comfortable childbirth.
• You will be more alert and in control of your birth rather than 
being out of control
• Reduce your need for medical interventions and surgical births
• Enhanced sleep throughout your pregnancy and reduced 
tiredness, fatigue during labour
•More rapid postnatal recovery
•Promotes deeper bonding for you, your baby and childbirth partner
this would be enough and yet the advantages are not over here ... come and discover them!

Mothers can also learn to use carefully selected language to reinforce positive associations and control negative thoughts .this positive associations make a major difference to the state of relaxation in hypnosis , immersing the patient in a safe and secure state of mind with exclusively positive language and carefully selected spoken cues. 
Come and find out which ones are most suitable for you!

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As you know, the birthing process is also a lot of psychologically involved process. The HypnoBirthing uses this intermingling of the two domains and helps the individual in a two-tiered approach. By managing one's psychological mind set through hipnobirthing, affect their physical well-being. Similarly, using the physical exercises prescribed under Hypnobirthing can affect their psychological state and maintain it well. It is a terapeutic solution for your brain as well as your body. Our society is rampant with the stories of woeful child birthing and thus the notion of anguish as a mandatory part of the birthing takes root in our minds. Your brain is conditioned into expecting an unparalleled and excruciating pain during child birthing. This expectation often leads mothers to enter the trap of the fear and stress even before they have started to feel any pain. . This fear causes thei muscles to become tensed and rigid. The mind then initiates the flight mode of the body so that it is not taken by surprise by any foreign attack. Hypnobirthing targets this mess and strives to sort it out. if you too, have been submerged by terrible stories, come and reset your brain! And do as our Antonella finds your technique in prenatal sessions and giving birth will never have been so easy ....

During the Moon to Moon sessions HipnoBirthing I guide the mothers with specific techniques of Hipnosis also associated with visualization exercises ... I often induce the woman to visualize herself during labor and bring her to concentrate on positive mental images that she can then easily use on the day of birth.
Often they are pronounced positive sentences on childbirth as "I am relaxed and my child is relaxed" that go to induce important changes in the body ... But come and try it ...

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