Menopause Care

The second Spring as I like to call it, it is a phase that is unfortunately discredited, poorly viewed, when in reality it is the full achievement of Feminine Power ....


My many specialists have allowed me to study and analyze this period of transition

in many cultures and nations and I have brought to my clinic the parts that

were adaptable to Us Western Women ...

and I am super proud of the help they have given and

are giving to the women who turn to me for help.


The services I offer for this female phase are
🌺Ritual of entry into the second spring
🌺Female circles of comparison, growth
🌺treatments for hot flashes

🌺rehabilitation of the pelvic floor

🌺 scar treatment
🌺treatments for vaginal dryness
🌺preventive treatments
🌺health enhancement treatments
🌺treatments for sleep disorders
🌺headache treatments
🌺treatments for joint and muscle pain
🌺Ayuvedic medicine

🌺hormonal yoga
🌺Energetic movement
🌺herbs, supplements, homeopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine

 finally take care of yourself ....