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Finally some of my oils are ready !!!
Here are the first medicated oils finally ready to be shipped ... Remember they are completely organic medicated oils and carefully and expertly prepared by me ... Very useful for personal and business use, as a Precious Gift ... We discover their very important Benefits ...

🌸 Very delicate, concentrated, dense, fresh oil with a sweet and hypnotic aroma
🌸Suitable for Pregnancy, for Baby massage, for specific Adolescence / Fertility / Menopause treatments
🌸 On the physical plane it is useful for combating obesity / water retention / physical diarrhea
🌸On the psychic plane it regulates the nervous system and is excellent for states of anxiety
🌸 Sedative action is effective in states of tension and / or restlessness,
🌸 favors night rest in children
🌸It helps in cases of hyper excitement
🌸 Excellent in case of emotional stress
🌸 Excellent for treating "stiff" women with themselves
🌸 great for treating women who are facing intense work
🌸Difficulty falling asleep
🌸 Relax and dissolve fears
🌸 Excellent for fighting stretch marks
🌸Excellent to use to treat those who are facing a major change (adolescence / pregnancy / postpartum / Menopause)

Remember that the 50 ml bottles have a cost of 10 euros while those of 100 ml of 18 euros it is possible according to your needs to add essential oils, Bach flowers, homeopathic essences, enhancements .

Mandarin Healing oli

€ 10,00Prezzo
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