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🌸How do you see a dense, pure oil with an intense, warm, powerful aroma ...
🌸 Suitable for Fertility treatments, Menopause, to treat adolescent girls ... but Remember Do not ever use it in pregnancy and in case of hypertension
🌸"Very many properties: antiseptic / antibacterial / antiviral / anti-infectious / expectorant / mucolytic / anti-inflammatory / depurative
🌸Practical examples:
🌸Excellent in the case of cellulite, acts as an anti-inflammatory on the inflamed part of the tissues, penetrates through the skin and stimulates microcirculation. Leave all the expensive and useless creams that are on the market and experience the power of the rosemary healing oil , you will be stunned!
🌸Useful in rheumatic diseases / muscle pain / tension / sprains / muscular hypotonia, very useful for the treatments of the Second Spring
🌸Fights stress ... experiment or let your client experience a massage with Rosemary healing oil she will come out completely changed in body and soul ...
🌸 Useful in case of menstrual cramps to be massaged on the abdomen
🌸 Excellent for strengthening hair, adjusting the scalp / combating dandruff / preventing hair loss / promoting growth ... it is useful to apply a few drops on the scalp and massage
🌸 Useful for oily facial skin and acne, it helps regulate sebum production and give a purifying effect
🌸Gives energy, concentration, memory ... Give your Client a Head massage with this oil, the effect will be very powerful
🌸 Excellent for an energizing, healing and soothing massage
🌸 It gives strength and charge, it has a strong stimulating power, it also increases emotions, courage and increases willpower. ... useful for dealing with transition phases, a separation, a loss, a profound change ...
🌸Strengthens the sense of identity and spirituality, renews or helps to find self-confidence
🌸And much more that you yourself will be experiencing ...

Remember that the 50 ml bottles have a cost of 10 euros while those of 100 ml of 18 euros it is possible according to your needs to add essential oils, Bach flowers, homeopathic essences, enhancements ...

Rosemary oil

€ 10,00Prezzo
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