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thanks to my many specialists

I have devised an innovative and unique method

in the world to treat and solve birth scars and

scars in general in an immediate way.

I am the Founder of the

First International Academy of Birth Scars and

my revolutionary method is going around the world,

I am teaching it in various Countries,

I have specialists in Greece, Spain, England, France, Italy, Germany and beyond. ..

visit our dedicated page ( italian language) ( English )


In Ireland I am the only one to deal with them and

I will be happy to help you too


What Scars Do I Treat?

🌸C-section Scar
🌸Episiotomy scar
🌸Hysterectomy scar
🌸Myomectomy scar
🌸Any kind of Scar

Is there an exact time when I should treat my Scar?
A time within which it must be carried out?

We have treated and We treat scars too 40 years after his birth ...

Can it be treated in pregnancy ???
🌸 Absolutely YES ...

Will I experience pain during your treatment?

🌸 Absolutely NOT ... ours is a Holistic Treatment!
It does not provide any traction,
No invasive manipulation,
No manual detachment
(all this would only create more tissue suffering) !!!
Ours is a sweet holistic treatment that acts in depth and continues to work even hours and days after the end of the session!


In very general terms, (we cannot describe here the detailed technique to maintain its uniqueness) it provides

👉a holistic midwifery interview,

👉a careful and meticulous evaluation of the scar with advice and specific personalized remedies to favor a quick harmonization,

👉Reactivation of the abdominal structures to relax the area from any muscle tension before our holistic manual of Ayurveda medicine

👉Execution of some techniques of the millenary Traditional Chinese Medicine,

👉 targeted oxygenation of the scar with moxibustion ,

👉 sensory and energy reactivation with the help of essences and other energetic remedies,

👉abdominal ayurveda treatment e

👉much more aimed at your individual case


From the first session you will notice, feel and perceive important changes!….
Give yourself precious time for your health ... the body is our best ally 

🌸In surgery, after each surgery, rehabilitation is proposed because in the case of a Caesarean section No ????🌸
The scar represents a heavy element of interference for the female organism on multiple levels and is a deep functional disorder with repercussions even at a distance…. Let's stop pretending nothing and to leave the female body abandoned to itself ...

Why would a knee have more need for a rehabilitation of a uterus from which the woman's fertility will depend, her menstrual cycle, her sexuality, her Being a Woman, a Mother, a Wife?
Well maybe the answer is right here ...

Get informed ...follow my page and request the treatment of your scar ... After the caesarean section but in general when the skin or even the deeper tissues (muscles, bowels) are cut in the human body, repair mechanisms immediately try to gather the tissues together and fill any gaps "Empty spaces" ... the Connective Tissue takes care of all this ...
the problem is that this fabric despite trying to help us does not organize itself following the textures of the fabrics but in a very disorganized way.
In this area of "disorder", everything in this way is altered and even the nerves and small nerve endings remain trapped and blocked ... even causing an alteration of the blood and lymphatic flow. Therefore, the BLOCK ZONES of the tissues are created, that is, the adherence scar ...
which will cause different mechanical damages depending on their location which will affect the physiological functioning of the internal organs.

You know that..
🌸 Abdominal tension
🌸 alterations of the menstrual cycle
🌸 menstrual pain
🌸"Fertility problems"
🌸 headache
🌸Chronic irritation
🌸 low back pain
🌸 and much more ...
... are they just some of the consequences of the caesarean scar?


The treatment is also performed many years after the operation since the passage of time does not help, on the contrary .. many discomforts in Menopause are associated precisely with the work that the scars have carried out within our body ...
Give yourself precious time for your health ... the body is our best ally ... I am waiting for you

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