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The power of the Drum

I often hear myself ask, but why do you always use the drum in every activity?

I do not always use it, but almost. The shamanic drum is a powerful tool that helps us to strengthen the holistic session, helps us to alter our state of consciousness and connect us to more subtle worlds. It plays an important role in spiritual sessions, in circles of rebirth, in Reiky treatments, in rituals ... it's a real travel companion for me, a very important healing tool that for some time has always followed me everywhere ...Its circular shape represents the universe, the Moon, the cyclicity, its sound the beating of Mother Earth, Our beloved Pachamama, our heart, the heart that we felt when we were in the belly, our beginning, the origin of everything ... helps us to find the connection with the original forces, reconnects us to you, helps us to descend into our depths, to find our center, to feel our here and now ... the beat of the drum during a shamanic ritual arrives at 4.5 beats per second, or 240/300 beats per minute, which is equivalent to 7.2 Hertz. This frequency value coincides with the Schumann resonance ie the frequency at which the earth resonates, which is 7.83 Hz. From a scientific point of view its vibrations * Alpha and theta brain waves increase * Penetrate deep into the body by reoxygenating and reactivating every single cell * increase the immune responses above all the activity of the so-called natural killer cells, * Increase our vital energy by giving us rebalancing and healing necessary * They give emotional relaxation

* Awaken our self-healing potential the research of psychotherapist Robert L. Friedman found that the use of the drum induces decisive improvements in patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease, Autism, Parkinson's disease and various autoimmune diseases. Its vibrations are therefore not limited to the surface of the body but they enter the deepest part of the cells ... and when I play it I form its beats to induce a change within the person or group I am dealing with. Recreates the balance of the cosmos in the body ... MLXLS​​

Listen to his beat Now you hear the beating of the hooves Now you hear the beating of the wings Everything is One.

I have many drums, of different sizes, shapes, materials but one in particular is in my heart, one is mine, one really helps me in my practice and it's him ...

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