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I invested the last 10 years of my Career and I am spending them supporting and rebalancing Women and Families who found and have difficulties in Conceiving.

Often come to me as the last resort "we admit that we have tried everything we only miss you".

I have supported the conception of hundreds of couples, some of which are heavily indebted for having entrusted themselves to the "care of illustrious" professors (a couple well 120 thousand euros🤬) completely useless.

❗My mode of support is that of West-East Integration as always based on means that know how to restore health, strengthen it and maintain it, in order to offer means, tools, remedies to be able to truly

❗rebalance their body,

❗ restore correct homeostasis,

❗the correct pH of their blood,

❗ remove energy stasis,

❗Drain the uterus, rid it and cleanse it of all toxic physical and emotional toxins and make it welcoming for pregnancy.

Accompanying a couple on this journey is not easy, they carry a very heavy emotional load. It Most often also made of accusations between them.

😶 "it's all your fault we can't have a child."

Analysis after analysis, hundreds of appointments from one part of the city to the other to always receive the same response

🤬 "lady, her body doesn't work"

🤬 "sir, your spermiogram speaks for itself .."

🤬 "lady, her hormones are not working as they should"

🤬 "madam .... sir ..."

and here is the psychological heaviness of all these words leads most of these couples to stop being such. You become the diagnosed problem❗❗❗

both partners are destroyed by feelings of guilt towards the other, by exhaustion, by raw responses, by shame.

A thousand questions start going through their heads, they start thinking about what they could have done before but they didn't,

we blame each other,

you live everything in silence, with the outside world which, indeed, does not find it hard to ask

🤔 "but still no children?"

🤔 "But don't you think about a child yet? Then it will be late ...".

and everything becomes more and more complex to support.

In my experience, often it was about families who just needed someone to trust them again, in their abilities, to show reality in a different way, to slow them down, to allow a rapprochement and a sincere confrontation.

They were Couples disconnected from their body, a body that was analyzed by every machine but not by the most perfect of all: their mind and their heart.

❗No one had ever explained to them what physiology is,

how the body works,

what are the physical and emotional conditions to allow conception indeed,

they had increasingly removed them from everything necessary to support their hormones, their balance

This is where Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, to name just a few, come into play.

In these millenary medical sciences at the base there is Health Education, the Harmony that is reached with the balance between the inside and outside of the body, between the top and the bottom.

🔝If there is confusion, inadequacy, guilt, frustration in the Woman's Head, this lack of harmony inevitably has repercussions also in the lower part or in her uterus!

🔝 First it is necessary to restore harmony to the High, with techniques and means that are the winning weapon of the oriental disciplines and then we can begin a Path of reconnection of mind, body, soul.

Emotions thus exacerbated interfere with physiology, they trigger physiological responses. I will give you a concrete example:

❗ acidify your blood and this already this could be enough to prevent pregnancy,

❗modify your heartbeat, it speeds up, and this too is a profound interference,

❗The flow of blood is directed mainly to the most important organs, the main ones, to the detriment of the secondary ones, including the gynecological system ...

❗increases the dilation of the pores of your skin, so you have a sweat that induces the loss of mineral salts, fundamental substances,

❗ decreases the response of your immune system and much, much more ...

therefore even alone

👉 INADEQUACY, ANXIETY, WHIP prevent your conception!

WHEN A CHILD IS TOUGH TO ARRIVE, first of all you have to analyze the FAMILY LAND !!!

any information possible on your lifestyle, on vices, on hobbies, on how you spend your free time, holidays, your habits and much more are the foundations to analyze.

Here, too, Traditional Chinese Medicine gives us enormous help, through an educational process that allows us to make the most of our potential. It teaches us to be participatory in every event, thought, action we carry out.

It helps us to become and be responsible for our health.

Health is a process that requires presence, participation, listening, change. They are all actions that almost no longer belong to the society in which we live. It is aimed at productivity and appearance. This takes us away from the release of our female hormones, Progesterone is

👉 the hormone that allows pregnancy to take place,

It is the hormone that makes the body soft and welcoming.

👉 is the hormone that allows the baby to make room in the mother's body,

👉 to dig into his endometrium.

👉It is also the hormone that drives us inside,

👉 to internalization,

👉to listening.

Today's lifestyle makes us fast, hectic, absent.

SO I DID NOT HAVE ADEQUATE PROGESTERONE LEVELS IN ME! therefore, pregnancy cannot be established!

My body is also stiff, tight, tight !!!

Same reason why women who manage to get pregnant face abortion threats.

Here, too, the threat is not resolved by going to bed and living in fear and terror. it is necessary to re-establish the optimal situation for the release of internal Progesterone !!!


I work on physiological laws, on re-tune the customer on them, because if they are strengthened, THE RISK WILL RETURN !!!

👩‍⚕️ I know the foundations of Health, and I know how to work on every part of it, which is why I also deal with Conception difficulties.

Because they are temporary difficulties, which with the correct means vanish in favor of Health!


THE TOOLS TO REACH THIS I take them from the Eastern Sciences because our Western is an interventionist medicine.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, nothing is separable.

no discomfort can be assessed in relation to its organ and that's enough because it all belongs to the Unity. In Western Medicine, on the contrary, the visceral patient is examined more and more in detail and the more technology advances, the more we go into detail, but in this way we move away from resolution!

Most of the remedies and treatments I apply are aimed at strengthening the self-defense mechanisms and rebalancing the energy flow, rather than fighting the disease, the difficulty by suppressing the symptoms, we restore the balance !!!

👉The omnipotence of the White Coat does not exist

if the client is rebalancing it is because he has taken part in his therapeutic plan.

❗ Ours is an Together Phase. Ours is to proceed Together to create a HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT where a healthy pregnancy can be established!

The foundations of Our Health are created in the womb.

healthy uterus equals greater short-term and long-term health potential.

With the oriental sciences changes are made that will be valid for a lifetime!

I have 3 of my mantras that accompany me and that I teach to all my students




here is my Conception Difficulty Assistance in brief.

the first consultation can also be done online!

dr Serena Anzilotti

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