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Circles of sisterhood ... Moon To Moon 



      The Shamanic Midwife  has always been a point of reference for every Woman and family of the Village with

her knowledge of the Art of Birth in the widest sense of the term (self-discovery, birth of the feminine ....)

continues millennia later to play her  important role as a reference specialist for every single woman ...


 In my encounters, the women who participate in it undertake a journey of knowledge and re-discovery of their female potential asleep through ancestral  rituals still practiced in every corner of the Earth ...


  The Circle is a way of meeting the feminine, a sacred, protected, safe space,

an  important healing instrument where every woman can finally find herself, aligning herself with

her ancestral, primitive energies, a place to express oneself freely without   fear of judgment, 

a place to talk about sexuality, orgasms, vagina, female problems, a space to grow together ...

a place to take time ... to discover oneself, where to learn tools and rituals that

allow one to enhance one's own well-being

   Shamanic healing rituals will help you to strengthen your Energy, your Health, to rediscover yourself,

to regain your balance,  to open yourself to change unfortunately we live in a purely male society in all its facets,

  individuality, consumerism, materialism ... to be able to survive these attitudes it is important to recognize and

  rediscover the potential of the female world ... it is important to come together again, meet again,

share their experiences, fears, fears    

   EACH MEETING IS STRUCTURED IN in a theoretical part and in an experiential one made up of meditations / visualizations / shamanic journeys / dances to the rhythm of the drum specific rituals ... sharing, support ...but also Creation of special tools, objects, medallions that

will be a valid help to live the daily life with greater presence and awareness ...

        The Moon to Moon meetings are open to women of all ages ... precisely because they treat women

in all their aspects I usually keep these meetings every 15 days ...

in harmony with the lunar phases we are working on ...

if you are interested in this marvelous growth time .. contact me

 I perform

 ❤Female Awakening rituals ...
 ❤Rituals of blessing of the womb
 ❤Ritual for the expectant mother a few days before the birth
 ❤Welcome rituals when the first menstruation arrives
 ❤Rituals of entry into Menopause ...
 ❤Blessing rituals of the new born baby
 ❤Shamanic journeys   

 ❤Reiki Initiation

 ❤I perform rituals on the occasion of the 8 Sabbat ...

so if you are interested mark my next dates and Booked !!!








February 1st

Group ritual to Celebrate Imbolc .. Brighid's day

I wait for you on February 1st at 7.00 pm to celebrate in The Imbolc's Circle ... with a specific shamanic ritual ..

What you have to bring is a white or red candle of your choice and if you want a cake or cookies to share with the group ... ... and is request the reservation for the preparation of the material ..


Imbolc, also known as Candlemas, occurring at the beginning of February,It marks the middle of Winter and holds the promise of Spring. This is a time of new beginnings and purification.
Imbolc reminds us that spring is coming soon, and that we have a few weeks of winter to go. The sun gets a little brighter, the earth gets a little warmer, and we know that it's quickening inside the soil.
Imbolc. There are many different ways you can celebrate. We will focus on the Celtic goddess Brighid, in her many aspects as a deity of fire and fertility. fertility does not just mean sexuality. It also applies to financial gain and other abundance.

_We will celebrate the Goddess Brigit,
_you will assist in the creation of a Shamanic circle
_ I will perform a purification ritual on you
_ you will light your candle symbol of Light and Rebirth
_ we will perform the Brigid Ritual and the lighting of its hearth
_ you will participate in a guided meditation
_ we will share the food we will bring
_ you will write your negative list and then you will put its into the
cauldron and we will burn it.

Rituals bring magic into our lives ... in the moment of your requests to Brigid you will be able to desire love, fertility, abundance, spirituality, peace ... I will wait for you.


on Thursday, March 21

Group ritual to Celebrate OSTARA 


on Monday, May 1st 

Group ritual to Celebrate BELTANE


January 10th in Rome, Italy
Shamanic Journey in the Underworld ...

to discover the Right Animal of Power!


There are no words to describe the wonderful shamanic evening I had the honor of conducting at the Mary's Olistic Center ... a profound experience, a journey down the World to the discovery of one's own Animal of Power ... I will not forget never your emotion, your disbelief, the tears, the real emotion to the return in elaborating the lived experience, told in such a clear, deep, real way, a journey that you have savored with all your senses, you have fallen into dark without fear and you came out more aware and with deep messages ... a great meeting for all of you ... I thank all the participants one by one, what a pity not to be complete in this group photo ... the magic sound of the drum to mark our time to remind us of the connection with our Mother Earth and with all of creation ... a special thanks to Katia Belloni for her help and wonderful hospitality. .. and I recommend the next time we travel in the World of Above do not miss and pass word ... I wait

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