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Holistic Gynecology & Well Woman Care

With over 20 years of combined experience,

I provide clients with extensive knowledge and exceptional care. I provide the following services:

👉 Is your period irregular? painful?
👉 Do you suffer from PCOS?
👉 Are you looking for a pregnancy that doesn't come?
👉 Do you want to plan your pregnancy?
here you will find some of my most requested services ....

In my Moon to Moon, I have seen countless women dismissed by conventional doctors.

You’re just getting older” or “It can’t be that bad” are real phrases too many of my patients have heard before coming to me. 


When it comes to holistic women’s health, it is my job to make sure each patient is truly heard and health problems are addressed in a way that facilitates healing in all areas of wellbeing including mental, emotional, and physical.


my work focuses on the womb, uterus health, menstruation because they are responsible for women's strength, well-being and health.

when they are unbalanced you will begin to notice that

your health, your emotions, can run wild,

fertility is impaired,

energies are low,

periods are painful, irregular,

headaches, back pain,

canceled ovulations, polycystic ovary  ...


So it is essential that those involved in women's health do these jobs and teach you to take care of your sacred womb, it is important to prevent!

many woman today, when feeling their womb space, sadly feel association of discomfort, pain,irregolarity !

my work on the uterus helps the woman to break free and bring a new feeling of power, nourishment and love for herself.

It helps the woman feel deeply connected to her womb and her cycles and much more grounded and happy in her own body.

it helps the woman to completely eliminate her problem and to regain her well-being!

I help the woman to connect with her lunar blood, to know it, to discover it, to analyze it, to make good use of it for her health

did you know that the blood of the moon is our natural opportunity to regenerate the body in a natural way, every month? 
it purifies itself every month giving us the opportunity to regenerate, to eliminate , to release pain, patterns, events that keep you from forward .

Our moon blood is holy, it represents health and balance, our moon blood can teach us a lot about our health!

Do you know the various types of colors possible? do you know what they mean?

I help every woman to find out everything about her blood,  only in this way she gets her power, her fertility, her sexuality, her freedom ...

I'll guide you a deep womb-heart-soul connection journey!
I'll use different tecniques to permit it :
breath tecniques, herbs, homeopathic remedies, specific ayurvedic and moon massages , warm pockets , crystals, moxibustion , acupressure,energy healing,blessings, Moon medicine an so on .
this will bring you back into aligment with yourself on every levels. 

after the session, I'll share with you ways that you can activate your womb and body wisdom and create soothing movements of self healing at home.


 I typically spend up to 120 minutes during the initial appointment and 90 minutes during follows up.
I want to get to know you in deply all of your physical , mental and emotional symptoms in detail,

 your past, present and future goals. 
I treat the whole woman. whole is important in holistic management

my Care is completely individualized & personal  

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