Woman Care

👉 Is your period irregular? painful?
👉 Do you suffer from PCOS?
👉 Are you looking for a pregnancy that doesn't come?
👉 Do you want to plan your pregnancy?
 here you will find some of my most requested services ....


I have been accompanying the Woman for 18 years,

I support her in her becoming, I accompany her in search of herself,

I help her keep healthy, I support her with loving professionalism in search of a child that Life seems not having destined them, helping them to discover their strengths, to strengthen themselves,
and this thanks to my many specialists who have allowed me to personalize my treatments and

also to devise innovative treatments that I teach to my more than 10 thousand healthcare students around the world.

❤️Hormonal Imbalance Treatments 

❤️ Menstrual Disorders Treatments : irregular or absent periodo , painful period

❤️ PCOS treatments

❤️Fertility problems treatments 

❤️Multiple miscarriages treatments

❤️Fertility Care and Support

❤️Menopause Consultation and Treatments

❤️ Fibromyalgia Treatments

❤️Ayurvedic Medicine: Consultation and Treatments

❤️Abdominal Diastasis Treatments

❤️Pelvic Floor Treatments

❤️ Scar Treatments

❤️back pain, joint pain , bone pain, muscle pain, 

❤️stress , anxiety ,depression Treatments 
❤️Holistical Medical Massages

❤️Hormonal yoga - Lady yoga - Spiritual Yoga - Prenatal Yoga

❤️Traditional Chinese Medicine


❤️ Cristal Therapy

❤️ Reflexology

❤️ Prenatal Massages


❤️Prenatal Massage and Hypnobirthing

❤️ and much more ...

Midwife is one type of HealthCare Professional who can act as your primary care provider,

and she is a great choice for any woman at any stage of life, from first period through menopause and beyond.
Your midwife  helps you achieve your health promotion goals and has you covered when you encounter illness.


When you decide to visit a midwife,  you will receive a special level of care that may not always

be present in most health care settings.

Midwife often spends extra time with you during your appointment,
listening to your concerns, and addressing problems.
Listening to women is the hallmark of midwifery care.
Your midwife strives to be your partner in care,  
not just your provider of care.

Welcome to Moon to Moon where  holistic Healing meet Modern Midwifery care.

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Ayurvedic Medicine



Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Are you afraid of needles? Do you want an effective therapy like acupuncture but less invasive?  Moxibustion it is perfect for children, men, women of all ages ..

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Pelvic Floor ....

Scar Treatments 

Prenatal Massages ... and 

treatment of discomforts