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👉Hormonal Ladies Yoga

👉Spiritual Yoga

👉Prenatal Yoga

👉Young Girls Yoga

👉Yoga mom-baby

👉Fibromyalgia yoga 

Each type is very simple but very invigorating and empowering

it is suitable for all, from 0 to 100 years.

My yoga does not include complex but very simple positions that act on a hormonal level

to strengthen the body or to heal it.

it is a yoga that will help you connect with your Feminine Power ...

it will help you connect with the lunar rhythms 🌛🌕🌜 that we women need for

our hormonal and emotional balance ...

My lesson lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes and takes place around a large Central altar, Candles, aromatherapy, motivational phrases (see photos).


During my classes I play my various Shamanic drums which help us connect with our heartbeat and tune into the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

💕 in each class you will work and strengthen your pelvic floor
💕 you will experiment various breathing techniques depending on the objective of the lesson,

💕 You will work with the Chakras to allow your hormonal system to be perfect and stay healthy ...
💕 you will experience the chanting of healing and rehabilitating mantras,

💕 we will sing Sacred Female mantras to release our hidden feelings,
💕 you will experience the vibrations of my healing Tuning forks,

      all perfectly mixed to balance your hormonal system, loosen and tone your muscles,                                                   strengthen your spine, increase your well-being


The proven benefits of my classes, depending on your age are:
💕 Elimination of hot flashes and symptoms typical of menopause
💕 Reduced elimination of PMS ....
💕 Regularization of the menstrual period
💕 Stress reduction
💕 Improvement of blood circulation

💕 elimination of swelling, hemorrhoids ...
💕 Restoration of vaginal pH .. prevention of candida ...
💕 Reactivation and rehabilitation of the pelvic floor
💕 Rebalancing of women's power centers
💕 Relief for joints, back, muscle extension ...
💕 Strengthening of the immune system

💕 General well-being

💕 Prepare for childbirth : we will consciously prepare our mind, we will relax and open our body to labor, we will open our hearts to the emotions and energies of the 9 months and we will prepare our soul to welcome our baby from beyond ... 💕 Prenatal Yoga, Moon to Moon 🌛🌕🌜